"The Breeding Mill Explosion"

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Come all you people, young and old,
And listen while I tell
The terrible sad accident
Our people here befell.

Get ready, friends, get ready.
Prepare to meet thy God.
For soon you may be sleeping
Beneath the cold dark sod.

Outside the snow was falling.
The boiler it was warm.
The men gathered round it
While the miller ground their corn.

Some of them were middle age,
And some were young and gay.
Other men of older years
With heads of silver gray.

As they all stood there a-talking,
As men sometimes do,
There came a mighty hissing blast.
The boiler burst in two.

When the steam had cleared away,
Oh, what a dreadful sight.
Men lay bleeding, bruised, and burned,
And in an awful plight.

Some lay dead where they stood.
Some were strewn around.
The cries and groans of the wounded men
Made such a mournful sound.

The wounded first were gathered up
And rushed away for aid.
Then the dead were cared for next
And in their coffins laid.

Their bodies then were borne away
and laid beneath the sod
To wait until the judgement day
To meet their mighty God.

We know not if their hearts were right,
For this we cannot tell.
Their spirits have gone back to God,
Who doeth all things well.

You people who are well and strong
Of tomorrow should not boast.
The Bible says you know not what
A day may bring forth.

May this warning be to all
Who trod in sin's dark way,
And if you have not learned to pray,
Make this start today.

Pray that God may cleanse your heart
And make your spirit whole.
Before another morning light
God may require your soul.

If you've been washed in Jesus' blood,
Your heart made pure and whole,
You then can walk the golden streets
While happy ages roll.

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