"The Ballad of Caty Sage"

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Way down in Grayson County,
In the valley of Elk Creek,
In the year of 1792,
The birds sang so sweet,
'Twas on an April morning,
The sun was shining bright,
Poor little Caty was stolen,
And taken off in fright.

Her mother was out washing,
While Caty was at play,
When she looked for Caty,
She was stolen and taken away.
The mother called for father,
Father came to search.
The calls rang out for neighbors
With sad and aching hearts.

They roamed the mountains over,
And the valleys, too,
But they did not rescue Caty,
Whose heart was aching, too.
While out in father's wandering
On the mountain side,
Was found an old, old lady
Who told him that she was alive.

The years they did pass onward,
And the father died,
With longing heart
To find his stolen child.
The family was all scattered,
Even far and wide,
With dim memories of Caty,
Poor Caty and her smile.

Way out on an Indian reservation,
In Kansas far away,
Was found an old, old lady,
And her name was Caty Sage.
When her brother recognized her,
To Virginia they planned to go.
She was taken sick with fever,
And her heart was filled with woe.

Poor Caty could live no longer,
Her life was taken away,
She was buried on an Indian reservation,
And is sleeping silent today.
She went to meet her father
Where all is good and blessed,
With her Savior in Heaven,
With an everlasting rest.

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Caty Sage main page | song & audio | newspaper clippings | audio clip

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