"The Explosion at Derby"

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Come all you people and listen while I tell
Of the explosion at Derby, the town you all know well.
It was on Monday morning about seven o'clock,
When the people at Derby received a terrible shock.

In the mines, in the mines,
Seventeen dear miners lost their lives,
Lost their lives, lost their lives,
Seventeen dear miners lost their lives.

As I walked up through Derby, a sad sight to see,
The women were all crying, "God, bring them back to me."
But, alas, for some this never could be,
For 17 dear old miners went out to eternity.

Let us pray for our children and help the poor wives
Of these 17 miners, who in mines lost their lives.
For I'll tell you, my friends, it is terribly sad
To lose your husband and also your dad.

Soon after the explosion there was an awful sight.
So many precious miners were brought into the light.
Mothers and children were crying, oh, how very sad.
They're gone forever, the best friends we ever had.

Do let us all take warning from the Derby people's fate
And get ready for the judgement before it is too late.
Then if the mines in your town should happen to explode,
You'll be ready for your judgement when you are called to go.

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