"The Story of the Flood"

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Come listen good people, wherever you are,
And hear the sad story you’ve been waiting for,
About the flood of ’57, as it happened to be,
In Kentucky, old Virginia, and east Tennessee.

How the rain came down, as we often had seen,
To swell the broad river or some little stream,
But this one was different, and we soon realized
That the floods were raging, and we fought for our lives.

Many were afraid, as never before,
As the high, muddy waters came into their door.
Some were left homeless, their life savings gone,
But their lives had been spared, and the cold rains came on.

Little babies were crying, and others were sad,
For in all our lives, we’d seen nothing so bad.
But the brave and the strong were there by the score,
To help the sick and needy to safety on the shore.

How we all escaped it, I never will know.
It must have been God’s will; it was not time to go,
And by his heavenly mercy, some managed to smile,
And face the disaster while the waters run wild.

The Flood main page | song & audio | audio clip

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Songs of Virginia Tragedies


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