"The Ballad of Kent Steffie"

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Kent Steffie was an engineer,
The best one on the line.
Each morning he left Fairwood
With his engine Number Nine.
To the mountains he would go
And make his run on time,
Not knowing that his fate
Relied on his lucky Number Nine.

Fields Anderson was conductor
On the train that awful day.
The autumn sun was shining
On the world of color gay.
Beneath the sky so bright and blue
It seamed no danger lay.
His engine brakes refused to work.
Poor Kent's train ran away.

"On brakes, on brakes," he whistled,
But his brakesmen all were gone
And left poor Steffie in his cab
To meet his doom alone.
And this fireman Nate Bateman,
Thinking of his home,
Leaped from the cab his life to save
As Nine dashed madly on.

Still on the rails the bell
Began its pondering clang,
And out upon the mountain air
The morning whistle rang.
"Farewell, farewell," it seemed to say,
And the wheels of death did sing.
It struck the curve an awful shock,
And from the rails she sprang.

Beneath the wreck now cold and dead
The engineer was found,
His body crushed and mangled
And buried beneath the ground.
And now poor Kent was sleeping
Beneath the sod.
His body lies cold and bruised,
But his soul has gone to God.

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