"The Thrilling Ride of Mollie Tynes"

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In Tazewell County there's a name
Of a lovely girl unknown to fame,
A Virginia maiden whose career
Would rival that of Paul Revere.

Her home was known e'en then quite well,
Still bears the name of Rocky Dell,
Near Buckhorn, and her memory shines,
This country girl named Mollie Tynes.

Twas in the warlike days of '63,
And in the fair land of the free,
An invading Army came that way.
To Wytheville they would go next day,

To capture and destroy the mines,
But did not know of Mollie Tynes.
She heard that afternoon the plot
To burn the town and hold the spot.

And on to Saltville they would go.
The salt works there we needed so
For soldiers in the camps about
And thousands in the land throughout.

On Captain Perry's farm they'd camp.
Next morning they'd begin to tramp.
She learned the secret, and at night
She mounts her steed and starts her flight.

She leaves the slopes of Rocky Dell,
Out through Burkes Garden, famed as well,
On through the wilderness and the hills,
By rustling streams and water mills,

Her path grown o're with weeds and brush,
And on the twigs the mountain thrush.
She perched upon its roost while bear
Were strolling through the forest there.

And other beasts that roamed the wood
And prowled around in search of food
Would hear the sound as in her flight
The bounding steed dashed in the night.

The briars pricked the horse's flesh.
The maiden's dress they would enmesh.
But on a worthy mission bent,
Her patriot heart thrilled as she went.

O'er hill and forests fast she rode
Until within the town she strode,
Exhausted from her perilous ride
And dangers on the mountain side,

Where crags and boulders oft would slow
Her progress as she'd onward go.
At dawning she beheld the lights,
Her friends still sleeping in the night.

They heard the gallop of the steed
While riding through at such speed,
And warning cry of rider's voice,
Which left for them but one wise choice,

To quickly rise and then make haste,
To foil the enemy in the chase,
The signal heard to arm for war,
A foe approaching from afar.

As rapid marching brought them near,
The hearts of mothers quaked with fear,
Fled to the hills in great alarm
With babes and children in their arms.

The men went forth as ne're before,
With musket fire and cannon roar.
For war to them was something new,
But the foe had met his Waterloo.

They turned to go another way,
As on their backs the guns did play.
For victory perched with Wytheville's men,
And Mollie Tynes was heroine then.

A tablet to her valor stands,
And sometimes now when martial bands
Are stepping out on dress parade,
They pass it with uncovered head.

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