"Old Talt Hall"

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Come all you fathers and mothers,
Brothers and sister all.
I'll relate to you a story,
The story of old Talt Hall.

He's breaking up our country
And trying to kill us all.
He shot and killed Frank Slayers,
Was the commencement of it all.

He left his ol' Kentucky
Virginia for to roam,
Leaving his friends and loved ones
Back in his Beaver Creek home.

He roamed the streets of Wise and Norton
Through the summer and the fall.
He met with Enos Hylton,
And poor Enos had to fall.

The posse hunted for him
Through valley, hill, and dale.
They found him down in Memphis,
And he had to go to jail.

They arrested him in Tennessee.
They brought him to Gladeville jail,
Without any friends or relations,
No one to go his bail.

They built the platform, boys,
Nearby the jailhouse side.
He walked out on it and wrung his hands and cried,
"If I hadn't killed Enos Hylton, I wouldn't have to die."

Talt Hall main page | song & audio | newspaper clippings | audio clip

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