"The Vance Song"

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Bright shines the sun on Clinch's Hill.
So soft the west wind blows.
The valleys are lined with flowers gay,
Perfumed with the wild rose.

Green are the woods through which Sandy flows.
Peace dwells in the land.
The bear doth live in the laurel green.
The red buck roves the hills.

But Vance no more on Sandy behold
Nor drink its crystal waves.
The partial judge announced his doom.
The hunters found his grave.

There's Daniel, Bill, and Lewis,
A lie against me swore
In order to take my life away
That I may be no more.

But I and them shall meet again
When Immanuel's trumpet shall blow.
Perhaps I'll be wrapped in Abraham's bosom
When they roll in the gulf below.

My body it will be laid in the tomb.
My flesh it will decay,
But the blood that was shed on Calvary
Has washed my sins away.

Farewell, farewell, my old sweetheart,
Your face I'll see no more.
I'll meet you in the world above,
Where parting is no more.

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Vance Song main page | song & audio | audio clip

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