"The Wreck of 1256"

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On that cold and dark cloudy evening,
Just before the close of the day,
There came Harry Lisle and Dillard,
And with Anderson they rolled away.

From Clifton Forge they started,
And their spirits were running high,
As they stopped at Iron Gate and waited
Till Old Number Nine went by.

On the main line once more they started
Down the James River so dark and drear,
And they gave no thought to the danger
Or the death that was waiting so near.

They were gay, and they joked with each other
As they sped on their way side by side,
And the old engine rocked as she traveled
Through the night on that fast fatal ride.

In an instant the story was ended,
On her side in that cold river bed,
With poor Harry Lisle in the cabin,
With a deep fatal wound in his head.

Railroad men you should all take warning
From the fate that befell this young man.
Don’t forget that the step is a short one
From this earth to the sweet Promised Land.

The Wreck of 1256 main page | song & audio | audio clip

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Wreck of the 1256