Earthenware Potters Along the Great Road in Virginia and Tennessee


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from Salem to southwestern Virginia or Tennesee about 1800, bringing with him the pottery styles popular in North Carolina at the time. These styles were then passed from generation to generation within the potty dynasties of southwestern Virginia and eastern Tennessee.

Until several years ago the exciting pottery of this region was not recognized as indigenous, and the occasional pieces that were found were attributed to potters in other parts of the country. However, as more and more pieces were discovered a pattern emerged, leading to the recognition of an entirely new school of Southern pottery.

I would like to thank the following for their help with the research for this article: Sally Moore, Mary Kegley, Steve Rogers, Marc King, Jon and Emily Salmon, Margaret R. Davis, Carol Tutwiler, and the staff of the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts and the Rocky Mount Historical Museum.